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What are the categories of scaffolding?

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1. Mobile scaffolding

Disadvantages in use:

(1) Fasteners (especially their screw) are easily lost;

(2) The poles at the joints are migratory joints, which transfer loads and internal forces by anti-sliding forces, thus reducing their carrying capacity.

(3) The connection quality of fastener nodes is significantly affected by the quality of fastener itself and the operation of workers.

Benefits: (1) Multi-function: According to specific construction requirements, it can form single-row and double-row scaffolds with different scale, shape and carrying capacity, support frame, support column, material lifting frame, climbing scaffold, suspension and other construction equipment. It can also be used to build measures, such as shed, material shed, lighthouse and other structures.

2. Bowl-buckled steel pipe scaffolding

Adaptability: (1) Structural stereotyping mobile scaffolding; (2) Support for beam and slab frame (accepting vertical load); (3) Structural active worktable;

Defects: (1) There is no flexibility in the frame scale, and any change in the frame scale should be replaced by another type of portal frame and its accessories; (2) the insertion support is easy to break at the mid-hinge point; (3) the stereotyped scaffold is more expensive; (4) the price is more expensive;

Benefits: (1) Several scales of portal steel tube scaffolding. (2) Fair structure, good mechanical performance, full use of steel strength, high bearing capacity. (3) Easy assembly and disassembly, high erection efficiency, labor-saving, time-saving, safe and economical.

3. Portal steel pipe scaffolding

Adaptability: (1) Constructing various forms of mobile scaffolding, formwork and other support frames; (2) assembling derrick; (3) erecting ramps, shed, stand and other temporary structures; (4) assisting other kinds of portal scaffolding to strengthen poles.

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