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Hardness of doors and windows is very important, find problems and adjust in time

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I. Hardness of integral doors and windows
When choosing doors and windows, consider the shaking when pushing, pulling or opening or closing, especially in the weather with strong air convection and sand, if the overall feeling is too soft, then it needs to be carefully chosen.
1. For windows and doors with soft quality, the quality and strength of most raw materials used are not up to standard, and the density does not meet the standard, which makes the overall quality feel bad. However, such a situation rarely occurs in aluminium alloy doors and windows.
2. Unlawful operation. Installation of any item will have its corresponding installation operation rules, can not take it for granted to carry out the installation operation, in the installation, especially in connection with each item, must be installed in accordance with the provisions.
3. The choice of background. For installation, the choice of wall is very important. It can also be said that whether a wall meets the standard or not has a direct impact on the doors and windows installed.
III. Adjustment Measures
1. When this kind of phenomenon occurs in our own doors and windows, we should check whether the size of the doors and windows meets the requirements of our country in time. Generally speaking, the width of the aluminium alloy outer frame in our country is higher than 2.4 mm, and the width of the plastic steel frame is higher than 2.5 mm.
2. We should also take a careful look at the external structure of doors and windows. Generally speaking, the color of our standard products is mainly green or ivory white, and the appearance is smooth, and most of them are covered with protective film and other protective measures.
3. It is also important in doors and windows that the size of the mouth meets the standard. Generally speaking, different sizes and heights will choose different specifications. Flat-open type is generally higher than 55 series, while push-pull type is higher than 75 series.
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