Industry Dynamics

Development Trend of Aluminum Alloy Door and Window Industry

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In the current era, the development of all walks of life are experiencing different degrees of change, the increasingly fierce competition, environmental pressure, upstream raw material price increases, consumption upgrading, downstream customized home market development, etc., all make the aluminum alloy door and window industry face transformation and change. In terms of future development, aluminium alloy doors and windows enterprises also need to focus on environmental protection and customization development.

Since the second half of last year, the hot topic of home building materials industry is "environmental protection". Many areas have made the whole production and manufacturing industry suffer from repeated environmental inspections, and most enterprises are affected to varying degrees. As far as the raw material market is concerned, many raw material enterprises have been forced to shut down, resulting in a rise in the price of raw materials, and the production cost of aluminium alloy doors and windows enterprises has also risen. Nevertheless, Yihe Doors and Windows believes that aluminium alloy doors and windows enterprises should not be conflicted with environmental protection issues, because environmental protection is the trend of the times and the development trend of the future market. Only by actively embracing and actively transforming to environmental protection can enterprises keep abreast of the trend of the times, seize the market demand and consumption demand and win development.

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