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Main Problems in Scaffolding Industry

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1. Scaffolding is backward in technology and weak in technical force

At present, the scaffolding and formwork in construction are still mainly made of fastener-type steel pipe mobile scaffolding. This scaffold is backward in technology, labor-consuming and material-consuming in construction, and its safety is poor. It is seldom used in developed countries abroad. This kind of mobile scaffolding does not need a professional manufacturer. Construction enterprises and leasing enterprises can purchase steel pipes directly from steel pipe mills and fasteners from fastener factories. However, many steel pipe factories and fastener factories are small private factories with backward production technology, poor equipment and low technology level. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of products. At present, most portal scaffolding factories have poor equipment, backward production technology, low technology level, weak technical force and no independent research and development ability. They can only imitate other people"s products or process foreign orders. Some factories have a history of more than ten years, the scale of production is expanding constantly, and the production technology is relatively high. However, there are still no brand products of their own. At present, there are no more than 10 domestic portal scaffolding enterprises with independent intellectual property rights.

2. Too many manufacturers and fierce price competition

At present, there are hundreds of professional trapezoidal scaffolding factories in China, as well as many small factories with family workshops. For example, there are many small factories producing bowl-button trapezoidal scaffolding and fittings in a certain area of Hebei Province. The thickness and material of pipe wall used in these factories are not qualified. Some factories also use old steel pipe to process scaffolding. There are more than 40 scaffolding enterprises in Foshan District, Guangdong Province, mainly producing portal scaffolding. There are more than 60 scaffolding enterprises in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, which can produce various scaffolding such as door type, bowl button type and plug type. The production scale of most enterprises is very small, the equipment is simple, the production technology is backward, the product quality is difficult to guarantee, and the product price is also very low. In order to seize the market and compete with each other viciously, the result is that the price of products is getting lower and lower, the profit of enterprises is getting less and less, and the quality of products is getting worse and worse, which seriously affects the development prospects of products. There are many scaffolding enterprises in Wuxi specializing in foreign processing. Because of the disorderly competition among these factories and the mutual depreciation, the profits of the enterprises are very low, and most of the profits are given to foreign investors.

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