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How about the current development of scaffolding in China

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In the early 1980s, China introduced many types of scaffolding from abroad, such as portal scaffolding, bowl-button scaffolding and so on. Portal scaffolding has been used in many domestic projects, and achieved good results. Because of the quality problems of portal scaffolding, this scaffolding has not been widely used. In China, a number of gantry scaffolding factories have been built, and most of their products are processed according to foreign drawings. Bowl-buckle mobile scaffolding is a kind of portal scaffolding which is widely used in new mobile scaffolding, but it is not widely used as long as it is used in some areas and some projects.

Since the 1990s, some domestic companies have introduced advanced technology from abroad and developed many new types of portal scaffolding, such as pin trapezoidal scaffolding, CRAB module trapezoidal scaffolding, disc scaffolding, square tower scaffolding, and various types of climbing scaffolding. By 2013, more than 100 domestic professional scaffolding production companies, mainly in Wuxi, Guangzhou, Qingdao and other places. Technically speaking, China Scaffolding Company has the ability to process and produce all kinds of new scaffolding. However, the domestic market has not yet formed, and construction companies lack knowledge of new scaffolding.

With the emergence of many modern large-scale construction systems in China, fastener-type steel tube scaffolding can not meet the needs of construction. It is urgent to vigorously develop and promote the use of new scaffolding. Practice has proved that the new scaffolding is not only safe in construction and fast in assembly and disassembly, but also can reduce the amount of steel used for scaffolding by 33%. The efficiency of assembly and disassembly has improved more than twice. The construction cost can be significantly reduced. The construction site is civilized and neat.

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