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What are the characteristics of mobile scaffolding?

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1. Mobile scaffolding has multiple functions: according to detailed construction requirements, it can form different scaffolding scale, shape and carrying capacity of single and double row scaffolding, support frame, support column and other functional construction equipment.

2. Highly effective: simple structure, simple disassembly and assembly, rapid, avoid the loss of bolt work and fasteners, joint assembly and disassembly speed than the conventional block more than five times, rapid and labor-saving assembly, workers can complete the whole work with a hammer.

3. It has large bearing capacity: the pole connection is coaxial socket, the joint is in the construction plane, the joint has flexural, shear and torsional mechanical properties, the structure is stable, and the bearing capacity is large.

4. Safety: Joint design considers the effect of self-gravity, so that the joint has two-way self-locking ability. The effect of load on the cross bar is transferred to the vertical bar through the disc buckle, and the disc buckle has a strong ability to resist shear.

5. Standardized packaging of commodities, less repair, convenient loading and unloading, convenient transportation and easy storage.

6. The service life of disc-type scaffolding is much longer than that of fastener-type mobile scaffolding, which can usually be used for more than 10 years because the bolts are thrown away. Components are rubbed and resistant to knock. Even if rust does not affect the use of assembly.

7. It has the function of early disassembly: the horizontal bar can be disassembled earlier, so as to save material, wood and manpower. Really achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, economic and practical.

8. Practice shows that as a single-span, multi-span continuous beam with a beam span of less than 15 m and a clearance floor height of less than 12 m, the stability and safety of the supporting system for building formwork are better than those of bowl-buckled mobile scaffolding and portal scaffolding.

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